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Malconet Health Awareness

The human body, as much as you would like to work it hard and long, is quite a fragile thing. This is because it is not always in its top condition as a result of various reasons, more commonly health issues. Here at Malconet Health Awareness we help solve all your health related issues at all times so as to ensure you are up and about going on with your day to day life with no worries at all.

A little more insight on what we are about

With your families, friends and firstly yourselves, health is an obvious priority to consider at all times. At Malconet Health Awareness we know this and as such we strive to provide you with only the best health services around.

As you can obviously see around you, health service clinics or other health related institutions are not up to par with all that is expected of them. From poor service to unspecialized personnel, they are at times disastrous to even think about having them treat you. We at Malconet took up this challenge and saw it within ourselves to bring forth only the best and most affordable health solutions to all locals.

We strive to ensure that once you seek our assistance, you will not have the need to look further for any kind of other help or whatsoever. This is because our promise to our clients is to have all their health issues solved readily and in a swift manner.

Some of the services, just to mention a few that we commonly tend to around the locality include:

  •     - Immediate First Aid Services

  •     - Occasional check-ups even when healthy

  •     - Immunizations for children and grown-ups alike

  •     - Dental care

  •     - Prescriptions for common house illnesses

  •     - Complete and utter treatment when you are sick

More on what we can do

Aside from the services we have mentioned in the above list, we also have other more specialized services for particular situations. For example our maternity services are top of the line. We ensure that your pregnancy (for the ladies ofcourse) is well taken care of all throughout up until the time the child is ready to be born. More serious cases that we are able to handle include caring for persons that have been involved in substance abuse as well as those affected by mental health issues. Many health institutions claim to have this well covered but getting help from us guarantees their well-being is returned to a state of normality so as to ease pressures affecting you, your family as well as the affected person as well.

Why trust us?

Our personnel comprises of:

  •     - Doctors

  •     - Nurses

  •     - Pharmacists

  •     - Other employees in the institution

They are all well trained and experienced to work in their designated areas. This means that with us, you can rest easy as you will be assured of utter high quality service as well as an unimaginable display of professionalism from us.

So for all your health related issues, don’t hesitate to contact us via our telephone lines or website. We are always there to listen and help you!


Sharon Rohit

I had this nagging headache that would just not quit! Luckily a friend of mine pointed me to Malconet Health Awareness and they prescribed me a bunch of pills that worked great. I can now sleep in peace!

Jerry Dayle

A few weekends back I got into a bike accident, but it was not all that bad I sought the services of Malconet Health Awareness to patch me up and stop the bleeding on my injuries and the way they handled it was amazing. Thanks to Malconet I’m confident enough to go for another ride!

Terrence Hughes

Totally amazing service from these guys! They handled my wife during her last months of pregnancy and both she and the baby came home fine…cheers to the Malconet Health Awareness team!
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Health services at its best!
Health services at its best!
Health services at its best!