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Welcome to GPs Prescribing Wrong Antibiotics for Gonorrhoea

GPs Prescribing Wrong Antibiotics for Gonorrhoea

Gonorrhea -  One of the most commonly found STI


Gonorrhea is one of the most commonly found sexually transmitted infections amongst humans. It can prove to be a very threatening disease and can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. It is normally passed around through sexual contact usually when safe sex practices are totally ignored.

One of the worrying things about gonorrhea that has surfaced in recent times is the inappropriate treatment given to patients who are diagnosed with gonorrhea. The blame lies with the General Physicians or GPs in this case as a great number of GPs have been found prescribing antibiotics which have been discouraged for the treatment of Gonorrhea. According to a report by BMJ Open, around 20% GPs were found prescribing the antibiotic ciprofloxacin to their patients who were diagnosed with Gonorrhea even though the prescription of ciprofloxacin was discouraged for treatment of Gonorrhea some six years ago. 

The main problem with prescribing the wrong antibiotic for gonorrhea is that the infection becomes resistant when this antibiotic tries to fight it and as a result, can cause complications for the patient. You can find more on the issue and see the full story here.


How is Gonorrhea Acquired?


In order to make sure that you stay safe from wrong prescriptions by GPs for Gonorrhea, the best you can do is to make sure that you stay away from it. In order to keep yourself safe, you should have knowledge about gonorrhea and how it spreads from one body to another. 


The most common way for gonorrhea to spread from one person to another is through sexual contact during sexual intercourse. The bacterium travels from the vagina to the penis or vice versa depending on where it was present to begin with. However, since gonorrhea can spread simply through sexual contact, it’s not necessary for the sexual intercourse to reach the stage of ejaculation. 


It’s not the only way that gonorrhea spreads. Gonorrhea can also spread through oral sex where the infection gets housed in the throat causing discomfort in that region. A person having throat gonorrhea can pass it on to this sexual partner as well during oral sex.


Lastly, it is also possible that a mother can transfer the infection to the new born child if she was carrying the injection at the time of pregnancy. This is why it’s necessary that as soon as it is found out that the mother was carrying gonorrhea during pregnancy, the child is given the appropriate treatment for the infection as well. You can find further gonorrhoea information here. 


How can Gonorrhea be diagnosed? 


Gonorrhea can be diagnosed through a simple PCR test. There are a number of excellent testing facilities available which can perform the test and return you the results within a day or two. While traditional testing facilities also perform the test, there is a new trend of getting the tests done from the comfort of your home. 


In a normal facility, you would be asked to come to give the sample at a testing facility. However, these new testing facilities give you the option of sending the sample from your home. They make the entire procedure pretty easy by sending you a testing kit when you want to get a gonorrhea test done. The testing kit would be sent along with instructions for how to give the test sample. It’s a pretty simple process as all you need to do is to give a urine sample or a vaginal swab. Once you will send the sample to the facility, they would then e-mail you the results within the next day or so. This helps in keeping everything confidential as well. 


Afterwards, if you test positive and want some treatment for the infection, these new testing facilities can even send over medications for the treatment of the infection as well. It has truly become simple to take a gonorrhea test and to even get it treated these days. You can find this kind of gonorrhoea testing available here.


How can Gonorrhea be treated?


Gonorrhea treatment revolves around antibiotics though you must understand that not every antibiotic can prove useful in treating Gonorrhea. As already mentioned, GPs have been giving wrong antibiotics to Gonorrhea patients. There are two treatment options for Gonorrhea.


• The use of antibiotic cephalosporin. According to UK prescribing guidelines, this is the antibiotic which the GPs should prescribe instead of ciprofloxacin. 

• The use of injections instead of tablets. For people who suffer from gonorrhea of the throat, this option is considered more viable.


Doctors might even get you tested for Chlamydia too if gonorrhea is diagnosed as both infections usually affect the body simultaneously. In case your test for Chlamydia returns positive as well, the doctors would then treat both the infections simultaneously.


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