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Fungal Skin and Nail Conditions

The Facts on Fungal Skin and Nail Infections

Fungal infections are very common and can affect your skin, nails and hair. They are caused by two group of fungi which invade and grow in dead keratin which is a protein that makes up your skin, nails and hair. The two main causes of fungal nail and skin infections are: dermatophytes and yeast. 

The organism known as Candida albicans  is the main cause of yeast infections. This organism normally lives on your skin and does not cause any harm unless it starts to multiply uncontrollably resulting in a yeast infection. There are a number of reasons why the Candida albicans may start to multiply uncontrollably. Some of these reasons include: Read More...

GPs Prescribing Wrong Antibiotics for Gonorrhoea

Gonorrhea -  One of the most commonly found STI


Gonorrhea is one of the most commonly found sexually transmitted infections amongst humans. It can prove to be a very threatening disease and can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. It is normally passed around through sexual contact usually when safe sex practices are totally ignored.

One of the worrying things about gonorrhea that has surfaced in recent times is the inappropriate treatment given to patients who are diagnosed with gonorrhea. The blame lies with the General Physicians or GPs in this case as a great number of GPs have been found prescribing antibiotics which have been discouraged for the treatment of Gonorrhea. According to a report by BMJ Open, around 20% GPs were found prescribing the antibiotic ciprofloxacin to their patients who were diagnosed with Gonorrhea even though the prescription of ciprofloxacin was discouraged for treatment of Gonorrhea some six years ago.  Read More...

Passing on HIV Leads to Criminal Prosecution

HIV - A Deadly Virus

HIV is one of the most deadly viruses and is mainly responsible for development of the disease AIDS. HIV can be passed one from one person to another in different manners and the lack of knowledge on the part of people about the ways in which HIV can be transmitted is responsible for the virus’s widespread reach. 

There is paranoia found amongst the public about HIV patients with some not even ready to meet or befriend such individuals even though transmission of HIV has nothing to do with some physical contact. This shows the level of mental problems and trauma HIV patients have to go through apart from the physical problems that they suffer. 


HIV Virus Mutation Study Released

HIV vaccines and virus mutation

All vaccines work under the same principle: to teach our immune system which microorganisms they have to fight, and how. The great thing about our T-cells - those that fight harmful bacteria and viruses inside of us - is that they are capable of learning. Once they encounter a microorganism that makes us sick, they can remember their particular structure and adapt so when they encounter the same menace again, they are prepared and able to fight more efficiently. This is why there are some diseases that we only get once in life, and after that, we become immune. The principle of vaccines is to expose our T-cells to the germs that cause several diseases or infections, so they can learn how to defend themselves; the difference is that a vaccine has a load of weakened or inactivated microorganisms that cannot harm our body, so we rarely get sick because of them.

There are HIV vaccines that are currently under development, but scientists may be facing tougher challenges than they first expected. New studies have found that HIV is a highly adaptable virus that can change its structure in order to increase it capabilites of harming T-cells, so every time it gets inside a new body it can reshape itself. This is a big problem for vaccine design as doses made of one breed might not be able to prepare the immune system for virus samples of other breeds. Read More...

Cystitis Should Not Be Ignored

Why not to prescribe antibiotics?

Medication has been developed for curing people of their diseases and relieve their pain, so it seems like common sense that if you go to a doctor because you don't feel well, they will prescribe something for you to take. Your condition should be identified after a process of diagnosis, which could be as short as an interview or as long as a series of medical examinations and tests, and then the doctor should know what you should take so you can feel better. However, you would be surprised to know how many times doctors do identify a condition yet do not prescribe medication. Why would that be?

Most medication is known to cause side effects and have certain risks, so some doctors are cautions and prefer to weight these risks against the benefits. The case of antibiotics in particular is raising some concern among the medical community since many bacteria are known to develop resistance. In other words, they learn how to fight the effects of these pills, and the more antibiotics they're exposed to, the stronger they become against them. For this reason, some doctors prefer not to prescribe antibiotics in some cases, and give a different sort of advice to their patients.  Read More...


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Health services at its best!
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